Building Construction Course for Civil Engineers

Duration: 3 Months     Course fee: 30,000/-


This is one of the best short term courses for Civil Engineers. Building construction is engineers job. High-rise constructions are most difficult projects to execute. High rise Building construction is the technology that requires a thorough understanding of structural engineering, environmental science, geo-technical and ventilation.

Every construction project requires compliance & scrutiny, funds, workforce management etc. we understand that the construction needs can differ from one project to the next. No matter the size or scale of the project, our top priority is to make you fit for all the jobs in the construction industry.

We, at Pertecnica engineering; provides you with the opportunity of learning the construction management which includes construction methodology, design philosophy, drawings, site engineering and project management training etc


Syllabus for Building Construction Course

  • Site Selection, Review of building drawings (architectural and engineering), Geo technical investigations
  • Building codes and standards, Technical documentation
  • Construction methodology (high rise-commercial-residential-housing) basics
  • Conceptual – Detailed reports
  • Stages of building construction, Procurement of Construction material and equipment
  • Bill of quantities, Tenders and Contracts, Project Scheduling, Project Management
  • Estimating and costing, Validation Documentation, Quality Assurance, Safety Management

Building Construction Course: Projects & Case Studies

  • Detailed Project Reports & Feasibility studies in Building Construction projects
  • Costing & Estimation, Contracts, Tenders & Proposals
  • Designs, Drawings & Structural Engineering in High rise buildings construction
  • Foundation Engineering & Site Engineering in Building Construction

Job Eligible

  • Design engineer
  • Project engineer
  • Geo-technical engineer
  • Building construction engineer
  • Site engineer
  • Technical engineer –Buildings
  • Planning engineer
  • Tender engineer
  • Contract engineer
  • Project management engineer
  • Construction management engineer