Training on Transmission Line Systems

Training on Transmission Line systems Standards and specifications Technical parameters of the transmission system Substation specifications Transmission line specifications Mechanical design data Electrical design data Major material accessories Conductor formation Design and fabrication of towers Survey and investigation Line plan and profiles Crossings Tower location survey Tower earthing Tele communication Tower foundations Transformer foundations Cable…

Training on Power Distribution Systems

Training on Power Distribution Systems Primary distribution substations Switchgear type and Bulbar arrangement Insulation level coordination Distribution overhead lines Distribution power cables Distribution power transformers Primary medium voltage switchgear System earthing and compensation equipment Shunt capacitors and static var compensators Medium voltage switching equipments Induction and synchronous machines Distributed energy converters Instrument transformers and sensors…

Training on Substations

Training on Substations for Electrical Engineers 220KV,32KV,11KV,6KV,0.450KV substations Design and material selection criteria Substation components Technical specifications Reading and interpretation of drawings Construction of a substation Erection, testing and commissioning procedure Substation protection and control systems Substation Automation

Training on motors

Training on Industrial Motors for Electrical Engineers Types of electric motors Motors with Gearbox Motors with gearbox and drives Methods of starting electric motors API, IEEE, NEEMA standards for motors Motor selection criteria Couplings Motor performance Maintenance and reliability