Training on Industrial Engines

Training on Industrial Engines Qualification: Mechanical Engineering Different Diesel and Gas engines Marine, power,automotive engines Commissioning and de commissioning Routine maintenance tasks Air handling system Fuel and control systems Maintenance service procedure Diagnostic procedures using software

Training on Cement Plant Equipment

Training on Cement Plant Equipment Qualification: Mechanical Engineering Crushers Coal mills Raw mills Conveyor systems Pre-heaters Pre-calciner Rotary kiln Clinker cooler Cement mill Equipment selection criteria Design basis Erection and commissioning procedure Equipment controls and automation Energy efficient operations Mechanical maintenance

Training on Industrial Pumps

Training on Industrial Pumps Qualification: Mechanical Engineering Different Pumps and selection criteria Feed pumps Primary pumps Condensate pumps Main-line pumps Circulating pumps Industrial pumps Typical pump design Pump selection criteria Technical parameters Performance analysis Mechanical shafts seals Motors Material of construction Installation procedure

Training on Compressors

Training on Compressors Qualification: Mechanical Engineering Types of compressors – applications Rotary twin screw compressors Packaged screw compressors Turbo blowers Piston and diaphragm compressors General characteristics & specifications Critical components Compressors controls System interaction Operations and maintenance