Advanced Training Course On Inspection, Alteration, Re-Rating

Advanced Training Course On Inspection, Alteration, Re-Rating Of In-Service Pipelines Inspection and testing practices Risk-Based Inspection Preparation Inspection for specific types of Corrosion and Cracking Types of inspection and surveillance Pressure testing of piping systems Material verification and traceability Inspection of welds in-service Frequency and extent of inspection Inspection data Evaluation, Analysis and Recording Corrosion…

Certification on Pipeline Coating Techniques

Pipeline Coating Techniques Training Program Cover Coating Types of coatings Underground- buried Transition area coatings Atmospheric coatings Internal coatings and linings Requirements of Pipeline coatings Pipeline corrosion coatings Single layer Pipeline Coating Double layer Pipeline Coating Three layer Pipeline Coating Surface Preparation Fusion Bonded Coatings Line Pipe Coating Process

Certification Program on Types of Valves For Piping

Different Types of Valves For Piping – Certification Program Covers Need for Valves. Working of a Valve. Components of a Valve. Classification of Valves. Valve Classes. Specification of Valves. Material selection of valves. Packing and Packing Material. Pressure drop in Valves. Inspection of Valves. Pressure testing of Valves. Applications of Valves. Special Purpose of Valves.

Short Term Training on Gas Compressor Stations

Training on Gas Compressor Stations Covers Purpose of a compressor station. Compressor station needed. How these compressors do stations work. Compression station yard. Station yard piping. Filter separators/ Scrubbers. Compressor units. Gas cooling system. Lube oil system. Mufflers (exhaust silencers). Fuel gas system. Backup generators. How Compressor stations regulated.

Certification on Design of Poly Ethylene Pipes (HDPE, MDPE)

Design of Poly Ethylene Pipes (HDPE, MDPE) Covers Concept Development. Design Premise. Hydraulic analysis and Flow Assurance. Environmental Conditions. Collection of Environmental Data. Pipeline Route. Pipeline Route Survey. Design Principles. Pipeline Control and Safety System. External Corrosion Control. Internal Construction Conditions. Internal Corrosion Control. Design-Loads. Load Scenarios. Categorization of Loads. Functional Loads. Environmental loads. Interference…

Certified Training on Pipeline Survey, ROW, Soil Testing

Short Term Training on Pipeline Survey, ROW, Soil Testing Survey Current requirement testing Current potential mapping CIS- Close Interval Survey potential surveys DCVG- Direct Current Voltage Gradient surveys ACVG- Alternating Current Voltage Gradient surveys Resistivity surveys Depth of cover surveys Sub-meter line locating Underground utility surveys Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Laser Scanning Right of Way…