Costing, Estimation and Procurement Course

Course fee: 36,000/-    Duration: 3 Months

Costing, Estimation and Procurement Course: This 3 months training course for civil engineers is intended as a guide for developing and managing project cost for a particular project. This course includes the policies, rules, procedures, and tools to aid in preparing project cost estimates and managing cost throughout project development process and Procurement process, as this course is aimed to all the civil engineers who wish to be working as costing, estimation or procurement engineers in the infrastructure industry.

Syllabus for Costing, Estimation & Tenders

  • Introduction to infrastructure projects
  • Lay out plans showing location of site, evaluation, cross section,
  • Design details
  • Foundations, substructure & superstructure
  • Verification of setbacks, internal dimensions
  • Tendering (NIT, RFQ, RFP) and Bidding process
  • Life cycle cost that includes cost of construction & maintenance
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Rate analysis
  • Measurement sheet
  • Abstract sheet
  • BOQ Preparation and Costing
  • Construction schedules
  • Report accompanying the estimate justifying the work
  • Estimate for the Preparatory works like site clearance, construction of site office, mobilisation, etc.
  • Protective works, approaches & miscellaneous items
  • Contingencies & departmental charges

Procurement Course Syllabus

  • Material identification
  • Supplier identification
  • Price Negotiating
  • Contract awards
  • Purchasing and sourcing
  • Technical documentation
  • Vendor Management

Jobs Eligible

  • Costing engineer
  • Tender engineer
  • Contracts engineer
  • Procurement engineer
  • Estimation engineer

Companies Hiring

  • OEM Companies
  • Independent Contractors
  • EPC Companies
  • O & M Companies
  • Consulting Firms