Electrical Systems and Maintenance Course

Duration: 6 Months   Course fee: 50,000/-


Industrial Electrical Maintenance Service Engineer is the most demanding job in the Electrical engineering discipline. Repairing and the maintenance of electrical systems are required in regular intervals for any industry. This program is filled with most appropriate and update course curriculum required for a fresh engineering graduate to settle as a  Electrical maintenance engineer anywhere in the world. This course contains basics of electricity, major electrical systems – its design and properties, trouble shooting devises and their operations along with safety engineering. This course will provide the student with a thorough understanding of the methods of diagnosing, troubleshooting, and repairing industrial equipment.


Electrical Systems – Design, Installation, O&M Course – Syllabus

  • Introduction to Electrical Equipment (Generators, Motors & Drives, Switchgear, Emergency electrical supply, Substations, Transformers), Installation of  Single phase and three phase electrical components & equipment
  • Single phase & Three Phase Drawing (SLD) basis and review
  • Substation maintenance, Medium & High voltage circuit breakers, SwitchgearTransformers installation, Configuration, insulation, cooling, power transformers, distribution transformers
  • Distribution protection systems, protective relay systems, Specific test procedures, Adjustment and calibration
  • transmission line protection, Installation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, repair of power cables (medium voltage and High voltage), cable testing, fault location, diagnostics, standard testing procedures, Single phase & Three Phase Wiring & maintenance
  • Installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair of circuit breakers, thermal, magnetic and solid state tripping devices, moulded and insulated case circuit breakers, testing, maintenance and overhaul & cleaning, repair of circuit breakers,
  • Motor control centres, starters, voltage ranges, components, installation, Maintenance, troubleshooting, repair
  • Microprocessor based relay testing, generator buses, protecting generators & transformers
  • Batteries, inverters, emergency DC power equipment, power failures, battery failures, improper installations, charging failures, manufacturing defects, general maintenance, troubleshooting, repair
  • Electrical towers, underground electrification, hazards, earthing and safety design, grounding, bonding
  • Power distribution systems, quality monitoring, pilferage, testing, vigilance,  rules and regulations
  • PLC, installation, integration, testing, logic, maintenance and repair
  • AC and DC motors fundamentals, design, codes and standards, nameplate details, installation, start/stop, single phase motors, 3 phase motors, synchronous, squirrel cage, wound-rotor motors, Installation
  • Motor rotation, protection, insulation, control circuits, testing, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair
  • ANSI / NETA / ATS, Nebosh, OSHA codes, standards, specifications
  • Protective relay maintenance, short circuit analysis, testing, Series & parallel circuits, AC and DC, Three phase circuits (design and properties)
  • Testing devices – Multimeters, Ammeters, Meggers etc, Testing & Troubleshooting, Service and Maintenance, Safety Engineering