Pertecnica Engineering is an Hyderabad based consulting Company with in-depth functional experience in Heavy-engineering, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Energy, Natural resources and International Business. Pertecnica offers world class design, engineering and consulting solutions to the customers. Pertecnica Engineering works with Industry and Academia to help them successful in competitive environment. Apart from Engineering consulting, Pertecnica is also offering training services to budding technicians

Pertecnica Engineering is specialized in the following areas


If you are looking for a job oriented training program or any internship; this is the right place for you. We coordinate with the industry and train the young engineers as perfect work force. Our activities include …

  • Job oriented training programs for graduates
  • Organizing seminars and workshops
  • Internships to budding engineers

Corporate Training

We are the emerging Engineering & Consulting Company with a focus on Energy, Plant technologies, Infrastructure and Natural resources sectors. We are planning to grow worldwide by creating alliances and joint ventures. We are focused on training & recruiting for our clients. Our clients are global corporations who are empowered through our value-based, customized, and implementation-oriented approach. We offer the following services.


Corporate recruitment of  Technical & Management staff

We are the team of experts having real time experience in core engineering recruitment and our expertise to provide recruitment solutions to the companies in the following areas.


Infrastructure Natural resources Plant technologies Power plants
Ports Oil&Gas Steel & Aluminum plants Hydro Power
Highways Iron ore & Coal Ductile Pipes Coal based power
Railways Bauxite Cement & other plants Solar power
Airports Sulfur Urea & Fertilizers Bio-Mass power
Logistics Park Copper Water treatment Gas power


Corporate training for technical & Management staff


Pertecnica offers customized onsite training programs for technical and management staff of a company to make them familiar on latest technologies and innovations. Customized training to the staff is critical for maintaining the strength of businesses and industry as they strive to remain competitive in a global economy.


We have a very good team business consultants with a good track record of taking the start ups to the next level. Our specialty is financial closures. We facilitate mergers and takeovers. Our services include …

  • Feasibility studies
  • Tenders and Proposals
  • Business planning and strategy
  • Funding
  • Mergers and Joint ventures
  • Project management
  • Outsourcing
  • Personnel management
  • Legal
  • Information technology

Recruitment process outsourcing

We take the requirements from the companies and filter the candidate database and select suitable candidates. We do the screening in multiple levels to test the abilities of the candidates. We short list the candidates for final interviews. Our services include …

  • Candidate identification
  • Pre-screening
  • Selection process and Interviews
  • Offer management
  • Verification