Oil & Gas Refineries course for mechanical engineers

Course fee: 30,000/-   Duration: 3 Months

Pertecnica offers class room training on Petroleum refineries. This is a 3 months training program which includes classes by faculty, video lectures, projects and case studies. At the end of the program, the student will get course completion certificate and a 3 months internship certificate. This is one of the best mechanical engineering course in India.

Our training includes…

  • Introduction to Refineries
  • Mechanical equipment design and specifications
  • Fundamental of pumps, piping systems,motors, drives and valves, compressor systems
  • Corrosion management in process facilities
  • Process plant reliability and maintenance, Risk analysis, NEBOSH, OSHA – Safety Engineering
  • Basic Hydro carbon chemistry, crude oil seperation
  • Hydro cracking, thermal cracking
  • Plant Automation, PLC & SCADA
  • Pipelines and Storage tanks,
  • Feed stock and product handling
  • Emission Control, codes, standards, specifications, compliance, rules and regulation, water treatment, effluent treatment

This course covers following Mechanical Equipment:

Mechanical equipment are crucial for any industry. In this course we teach the students on the design parameters, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning, Assembly  and integration of every mechanical system and its ancillaries. We also cover the routine maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting, safety  of the following equipment

  • Distillation columns,
  • pressure vessels,
  • Heaters, Furnaces, heat exchangers, Cooling towers,
  • Turbines,
  • Pumps, motors, valves
  • Piping and pipeline engineering
  • Compressors, condensers, HVAC Technologies

Basics of Refinery Processing

  • Separation process, Distillation and light gases recovery
  • Petroleum conversion processes, Catalytic Cracking, thermal cracking
  • Reforming, Alkylation, Polymerization, Isomerization, Coking, Visbreaking
  • Petroleum treating process, Hydro-desulfurization, Hydrotreating, Chemical sweetening
  • Acid gas removal,Deasphalting

At the end of the course, the student will learn following skills

  • Overview on oil and gas industry, global perspective, job market and other challenges
  • Basics of crude oil, physical and chemical properties
  • Basics of refining process, Design documentation, Reading of blueprints, AutoCAD basics, P&ID, Flow diagrams
  • mechanical systems, Installation, Operations and maintenance
  • Refinery products, characteristics,
  • Petro-economics