Transportation Engineering course

(Roads, Highways, Railway, Ports)

Duration: 3 Months        Course fee: 36000/-


Roads, Highways, Ports construction Course: Pertecnica is the India’s best training institute for Roads and highways construction for civil engineers. We offer job oriented courses for civil engineers BE / B Tech. Training includes Designs and drawings (Auto CAD), Construction methodology for different terrains, Costing, estimation, Contracts management, tenders, bidding, Project planning MS projects / Primavera,  site engineering training, project management etc.

A rapidly increasing global population and the subsequent urbanization is putting pressure on the world’s infrastructure like never before. Challenged government budgets mean that innovation is needed to get the best from existing infrastructure assets. Emerging markets must build new infrastructure in order to compete while an increasing urgency for long-lasting maintenance exists in established economies. These challenges require transformational thinking.

Our people help candidates, both public and private, overcome these challenges. We will train on intelligent road systems that will connect communities now and into the future. With a global presence and years of experience we develop a long-term vision that providing reliable, safe and durable road networks.


Syllabus for Roads, Highways, Ports construction Course

  • Introduction to Infrastructure development
  • Road classification, Road Network planning, Traffic Studies
  • Type of projects (BOT, DFBOT, PPP, EPC, TOLL)
  • Ports Construction, Port planning, Site selection and harbor planning
  • Dredging and reclamation works
  • Design criteria for Ports, Roads, Railways, Drawings
  • Technical documentation (Feasibility studies, DPR)
  • Construction materials
  • Construction equipment
  • Geo-technical investigations
  • Construction methodologies
  • Contract management
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Costing and estimation
  • Bill of quantity
  • Environmental impact studies


Projects & Case Studies

  • Design of national highways (4 lane and 6 lane)
  • Quantity surveying and Bill of quantities for National Highway projects
  • Traffic Analysis (Roads, highways, Ports, Railways)
  • Tender procedure of construction projects
  • Estimation and costing for infrastructure projects
  • Design, Construction and maintenance of High axle railway tracks
  • Item rate contract, EPC & BOT
  • Design of Break water, Jetty and Tank farms for port projects


Jobs eligible

  • Design engineer
  • Site engineer
  • Contracts engineer
  • Costing engineer
  • Geo-technical engineer
  • Tender Engineer
  • Project engineer
  • Estimation engineer
  • QA/QC engineer
  • Inspection engineer
  • Project planning engineer
  • Project management executive
  • Construction engineer
  • Site management engineer