Industrial Automation Course for Electrical Engineers

Course fee: 36,000/-

Duration: 3 Months

Why this Automation course?

Automation is to control the industrial machinery and processes with PLC and SCADA. It helps in reducing the need for human intervention. Automation plays an increasingly important role in the global economy and in daily experience.

Automation and control systems enable efficient and safe operation of Industrial plants by minimising the risks. Monitoring and reporting of the events is the main purpose of PLC and SCADA. We can also have the access to all control points from DCS system. It increases flexibility, speed and minimise faults. Our training has a complete scope of automation through key equipment, ”Balance of Plant“ integration, safety and control systems

industrial automation

In this course, students will be trained on process technologies of Power plants, steel plants, cement plant, Oil & gas platforms. This is a unique module, through which student will learn the complete scope of different plants / industries.

The most successful manufacturing units monitor the performance of the equipment very closely / regularly and adjust their operations with electronic devises and computer applications. Identification of key issues and correcting them promptly is essential to avoid the possible crisis. Although these guidelines are very easy to understand but difficult to achieve. In our training modules; we train the students on all these aspects right from the installation of the automation systems till the operations and maintenance.

While learning the process technologies, the student will simultaneously; get trained on the execution model of Programmable logic Controllers (PLC), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

In the remaining modules, the students will learn basic instrumentation, basic safety engineering and Operations & Maintenance of  major equipment used in power plants, steel plants, cement plants and Oil & gas platforms.

Industrial automation Course – Syllabus

  • PLC Basics & SCADA Basics
  • Instructions in PLC & SCADA
  • Measurement products
  • Distribution Control & Monitoring system
  • Review & Interpretation
  • Process Technologies
  • Plant Automation
  • Instrumentation & Safety Engineering

Industries Covered:

  • Coal fired Power plants
  • CCPP
  • Oil & Gas production platforms
  • Petrochemical Refineries
  • Cement Plants
  • Water Treatment plants
  • Substations & Switchyards
  • Manufacturing Units

Key job skills

  • Requirement gathering
  • System prototypes design
  • technical drawings and parts lists, circuit diagrams,
  • flow charts and programs, technical plans and schematic diagrams.
  • Software customisation
  • Testing

How this Course is useful?

After PLC & SCADA training, students are eligible to maintain PLCs  in Sub stations, Switch yards, Water treatment plants etc. Every equipment in a power plant, whether it may a boiler, turbine or generator or it may a valve or motor, all the process is controlled and monitored by PLC, SCADA and DCS. So, our course make students eligible for lot of jobs in coal fire / combined cycle power plants

What type of jobs you can apply?

Process flow & Plant technologies are covered in this curriculum along with training on P & ID, Pressure – Temperature level equipment along with PLC & SCADA. The hands on experience on these equipment makes you eligible for operator jobs & controller jobs in steel plants, cement plants, power plants & for many gulf jobs

 What are the Industries covered in this course

This is the only institute in India that is offering a comprehensive training on Power plant technologies, petrochemical refineries & cement plant technologies. PLC & SCADA, Pressure – Level monitor training is an added advantage for engineers who want to settle as a Plant engineer in India or abroad