Courses for Chemical Engineers

Get a suitable job

Obtaining a good degree is not enough. Everyone else is doing the same thing. In this competitive world, a student shall have at least one job oriented skill to get him a job. We should understand that the companies have requirements that go beyond what’s taught in our colleges.¬†At Pertecnica; we offer a variety of job oriented courses for Chemical Engineers. We have six months courses, three months courses and short term courses.

Six months Courses for freshers

  • Engineering Management Course
  • Petroleum, Oil and Gas Course
  • Process Design, Equipment and Instrumentation Course
  • Industrial Safety Engineering Course


Do you want to improving your skills?

Then, Pertecnica is the right option for you. We have hundreds of job oriented courses process and instrumentation. Come up with a list of topics and speak to us. If possible, visit our campus and try to attend the free lectures. If you are a fresh graduate, don’t worry. We help you in offering career guidance and help you kick start your career.

Top Short term Courses

  • Design Engineer (Process) Course
  • Pumps, Valves and Pipelines
  • Distillation Process
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Catalyst
  • Quality Testing and Control