Pumps, Motors, Drives training for Mechanical Engineers.

Training cum Internship

This course delivers an interactive training experience designed to help students understand the various components found in pumps, motors and drives; and how these components function and interact with each other. It also covers various hydraulic pumps, actuators and pressure controls. See how directional flow and modular control valves operate and produce force inside pumping systems. Study maintenance practices pumps, motors, drive and their accessories.

Our training includes…

  • What is a pump, Basic pump, definitions, types of pumps, categories and Classification of pumps
  • Positive displacement, pump velocity, centrifugal, NPSH, pump curves, progressive cavity,
  • screw pump, rope pump, submersible pump
  • vertical turbine, coupling section, mechanical seals
  • Pump design, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair
  • pump surging, hydraulic principles, pressure & vacuum
  • motors and drives, electric motors, power electronic converters for motor drives
  • conventional DC motors, DC motor drives, Induction motors, rotating field, slip and torque
  • Operating characteristics
  • inverter-fed induction motor drives, stepping motors,  synchronous, brushless DC & switched reluctance drives
  • Motor drive selection
  • variable speed drives on pumps, design, installation and integration
  • valves, actuators, compressors
  • design criteria, specifications, selection and sizing
  • Installations, Commissioning
  • Industrial utilities
  • Operations, trouble shooting, maintenance
  • safety engineering, codes and standards