Power plants course, Power plant technologies, Short Mechanical Courses

Course fee: 36000/-                     Duration: 3 Months

How power plant works? The role of Mechanical Engineer in a Power plant?

Pertecnica’s Power plant course is the most popular mechanical engineering training courses in India. It covers both project technologies and Plant technologies. Thermal Power plant technology is basically the Rankine cycle. The major equipment of Rankine cycle is the boiler. Boiler receive the heat energy from the burning of fuel. From there it travels through turbine and generates the electricity.

A power plant engineer is responsible for the design and procurement of major equipment that are required for a power plant. Apart from that he do the installation of mechanical and electrical systems. he is also responsible for operation and  maintenance of the power plant.  renovation, and repair of boiler systems and other mechanical systems


power plant technologies short mechanical courses

Power plant technologies (short mechanical Courses) – Course Syllabus

  • Power plants – An overview
  • Different Types of Power plants – Coal fired Power plant, Gas, Nuclear, Hydro-electric Power plants
  • Boilers – Classification of Boilers, Boiler technologies, Coal analysis and combustion methodology
  • Steam Cycles – Co-generation and combined Cycle
  • Turbines – Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Reciprocating Air Compressors, Rotary Compressor, Compressible Fluid Flow & Nozzle
  • Steam Condensers, Cooling Tower & Air Ejector
  • Water treatment technologies
  • Material handling systems
  • Ash handling
  • Power from renewable energy – scope and technology – an overview
  • Energy, Economics and Environmental Issues

Skills and abilities required for a power plant engineer?

  • operation and maintenance of high-pressure boilers, electrical generating equipment, and related mechanical equipment in a steam and/or electric generating power plant.
  • Working methodology of mechanical and electrical systems throughout the plant
  • electrical and pneumatic controls and automatic boiler controls
  • electrical circuits pertaining to boiler controls.
  • occupational hazards and safety precautions applicable to the work
  • training and supervising techniques, and employee policies and procedures

What types of jobs are available for a Mechanical Engineer in Power plant?

  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Procurement Engineer
  • Boiler Operator
  • Project Engineer and Project Manager (Mechanical)
  • Service Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer